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China is  carrying out genocide on millions of Uyghurs and other Muslim minorities in the Uyghur Region.

Mess Detention

Xinjiang camps have key similarities to the early Nazi concentration camps. They similarly targeted an ethnic minority and political dissidents, with detainees explicitly expected to contribute factory labor. In both cases, the detentions were made without formal charges or trials.

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A former Chinese police detective, exiled in Europe, revealed to CNN in 2021 details of the systematic torture of Uyghurs in detention camps in Xinjiang, acts in which he had participated, as he had feared his own arrest had he dissented


Organ harvesting

In December 2020, human rights activists and independent researchers told Haaretz that individuals detained in the Xinjiang internment camps "are being murdered and their organs harvested."

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Organised mass rape and sexual torture

BBC News and other sources reported accounts of organised mass rape and sexual torture carried out by Chinese authorities in the internment camps.

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Medical experiments

Prisoners in China’s Xinjiang concentration camps subjected to gang rape and medical experiments, former detainee says (The Independent)

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Compulsory sterilisations and contraception

In 2019, reports of forced sterilisation in Xinjiang began to surface.
In April 2021, exiled Uyghur doctor Gülgine reported that forced sterilisation of ethnic Uyghurs persisted since the 1980s

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Forced labor

The Chinese government subjects Uyghurs to systematic forced labour.
Companies around the world are complicit.

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Cultural genocide

The aim of China’s actions in Xinjiang is clear: to homogenise Uyghurs into the country’s Han Chinese majority, even if that means erasing their cultural and religious identity


We were young when we started our journey,

Now our grand-children are able to ride on horses. 


We were very few when started our journey,

Now we’re advancing and left traces on the desert. 


Our traces are in the deserts and in the valleys,

There are many heroes buried in the desert with no grave. 


Don’t say they were left without graves,

Their graves covered with flowers in the Spring. 


Left the crowd, left the scene, they are all faraway,

Wind blows, sand moves, yet our trace never disappears. 


The caravan never stops even our horses become thin,

Our grand-children or great-grand-children will one day find those traces.

Abdurehim Otkur
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